Krista Louise

Creating Low Waste Art

by Krista Louise
Live sustainably




Hello! My name is Krista Louise. I am an artist, environmentalist, Buffy fanatic, vegan, and I hate waste.

I make art using upcycled, secondhand and/or low waste materials. I like creating without causing more harm to the environment. I find my supplies from garage sales, thrift stores, from neighbors and online. My newer pieces lean toward the abstract style and my older pieces are themed in some way, many featuring trees.

I started this page in order to showcase my art and talk about being sustainable/low waste, but once I started writing, I realized I want to talk about more topics that are important to me. Some of these topics will include climate change, gender, and animal welfare, as well as being female in a Trump world and being a survivor of abuse. I have also discovered a love of cloud and tree photography…. I hope the seemingly unconnectedness of it all will be fun for others. But as I learned from Buffy and Dirk Gently, everything is connected!

If you are interested in buying my artwork, either send me a message or check out my Etsy shop.

*She/her pronouns


Send me an email here or use the contact page here.
I offer low-waste and vintage items in my Etsy shop, too, which is linked on the sidebar. If you see something on there that you like, you can buy it on Etsy or message me directly.

I am in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Let me know if you want to come see paintings in person.